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What to Expect After Graduating the Bridgeport Police Academy

The Field Training Phase and Requirement

After graduating from the Bridgeport Police Academy, you as a probationary police officer (P.P.O.), will be required to complete a mandatory 400-hour field training phase. This consist of live on-the-job training with Field Training Officers (F.T.O.s), performing the every day duties (e.g., answering calls, writing reports, rendering aide and conducting arrest to name a few) of a police officer. Over the course of this training, you will be evaluated in the performance of your duties. Failure to demonstrate proficiency in areas of the F.T.O. phase shall be considered grounds for dismissal.

To view the certification of field training requirements and the areas where you will be evaluated on, click here.

After you have successfully completed the Field Training Phase, your training is now complete and you will commence your regular duties as a police officer. You will then be assigned to a shift and a unit to conduct your duties as a newly minted police officer.

Graduation 1
Graduation 2

Important: It should be noted that as a new Bridgeport Police Officer you are still a probationary police officer from one (1) year from the date of your hire. While still on probation, officers will not be eligible to work overtime. Also, you may be discharged/terminated and have no recourse to the grievance and arbitration process afforded non-probationary officers.