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Reports (All)

The Bridgeport Police Department Records Division is responsible for the maintenance and storage of all incident reports, accident reports, stolen vehicle reports, recovered vehicle reports, arrest warrants, and arrest records. We also maintain the records of sexual offenders in compliance with "Megan’s Law."

Copies of reports are .50¢ per side. For example, an accident involving two cars is usually an eight (8) page report which would cost $4. Due to confidentiality and the large number of calls received for information, no report information is given out over the telephone.

Accident Reports

If you need to obtain an incident or accident report number, please call 203-581-5270 Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. - 05:00 P.M. (excluding holidays).

You can obtain a copy of a motor vehicle accident report by visiting the PD Records Division in person.

There is a cost of .50¢ per page. For your convenience motor vehicle accident reports may be purchased online for an additional fee. Please wait five business days to access your report online. Access the online accident report system

Copies are available in person (cash only) or by mail (money order). We do not fax copies of reports. If a report is requested by mail, the requesting person must include the complete file number, a money order for the amount due, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Incident Reports

Copies of incident reports for which an arrest is made are NOT available from the Police Department until all charges are adjudicated in court. For victims of crimes, copies of incident reports may be available through the victim’s advocate at the court. For persons arrested, copies of incident reports are available from your attorneys, or from the Public Defender’s Office (depending on who is representing the arrestee).

Copies of incident reports involving juveniles are not available without the approval of the Commander of the Youth Bureau. Copies of incident reports involving sexual assaults are also not available without the approval of the Commander of the Detective Bureau.


Approval of reports can take up to five (5) days.

Accidents and incidents are often available five (5) days after the occurrence. But, to be sure, they may be picked up seven (7) to ten (10) working days (excluding holidays and weekends) after the occurrence. Requestors may call the Records Division, (203) 581-5270, to find out if a particular report is ready.