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This page covers all elements of towing operations within the City of Bridgeport, to include: Municipal Codes that govern all towing operations, the application packet for prospective towers, the renewal applications for existing towers who are renewing, a link to the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles' requirements, and the current contact list for towers.

Towing Applications

All prospective towers will provide a completed application packet to the Bridgeport Police Permit Department for processing. The completed new or renewal towing application can be submitted Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M, to the Permits Window located at 300 Congress St., Bridgeport, CT, 06604. Once the submitted application is reviewed, an inspection will be scheduled with a representative from the Police Department. After the inspection is completed, the entire packet will be provided to the Board of Police Commissioners for final review.

Inclusion on the towing list is valid for 1 (one) year (April to April) and must be renewed annually prior to 1 April. 

Accident Towing List inclusion fees are: $450.00 

Truck One Towing List inclusion fees are: $2750.00

For further information, contact the Permit Division at (203)581-5264.

Truck One Towing Application

Accident Towing Application

Truck One New Applicant Check List (New Applicants Check List only)

Accident New Applicant Check List (New Applicants Check List only)

Truck One Towing Renewal Application (Renewal only, not for new applicants) 

Accident Towing Renewal Application (Renewal only, not for new applicants) 


Relevant Municipal and State Codes

Department of Motor Vehicles' Requirements

Towers' Contact Information


Towing Company Name Phone Number Address
Bud's Towing 203-335-5593 25 Islandbrook Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Family Auto Body 203-366-5631 88 North Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Nunes Calhoun Auto Body & Sales 203-335-0282 102 Calhoun Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Mid-town Auto Body 203-384-1537 177 Pulaski Street. Bridgeport, CT
CityLine Auto Body 203-380-8512 31 Sage Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Jax's Towing             203-382-1020 185 Dover Street. Bridgeport, CT
Mario's Auto Body            203-366-3479 47 Columbus Place. Bridgeport, CT
Nunes South Auto Repairing             203-333-5582 478 Iranistan Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Jim's Auto Body            203-333-8797 1020 Kossuth Street. Bridgeport, CT
Jerry's Auto Body            203-333-3361 1679 Stratford Avenue. Bridgeport, CT
Boccanfuso Son's LLC            203-335-7667 99 Dover Street. Bridgeport, CT