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Starting March 1st, 2024 Fingerprinting Services will be reserved for Bridgeport residents, employees at a Bridgeport based company, or students at any Bridgeport college.

Fingerprinting is done Monday through Friday (8:00 AM to 3:30 PM), every 20 minutes (by appointment only).   

Starting July 1st, 2023 - New Fingerprinting fee

There will be a fee for the processing of fingerprints:

  • $10.00 fingerprinting fee per transaction number. Payable by bank check or money order. Made payable to: City of Bridgeport. (No cash payments accepted)
  • Please present photo ID, money orders and completed pistol permit application and documents (applicable to Pistol Permit candidates only) at time of fingerprinting appointment. If fingerprinting appointment is for pistol permit, please bring a credit card to your appointment to complete the enrollment process.

Fingerprinting Services

As of May 1st 2024, any person requesting fingerprints must have a ATN Barcode supplied by the requesting agency. If fingerprints are for an employer, the employer must supply the ATN tracking number (barcode). Fingerprints are ONLY for Bridgeport residents or employees at a Bridgeport based company, or students at any Bridgeport college. 

Fingerprints for Pistol Permit candidates:

Pistol Permit Candidates will be required to obtain a ATN tracking ID at the time of appointment. Upon submitting your completed application Bridgeport Police Department will give supply the candidate with the code needed for fingerprinting. If your application is not complete and any documents are missing, you will have to reschedule your appointment. Payment for the State of Connecticut is $75, and the FBI is $13.25 and will be processed through this website. (Please bring a credit card to your appointment to complete the enrollment process). The City of Bridgeport will still require a payment of $70 the day you submit your pistol permit application in the form of a money order, or a bank check made payable to: CITY OF BRIDGEPORT. NO personal checks, cash, or credit cards are accepted.

Once the fingerprinting package and paperwork has been gathered, you will make an appointment for your fingerprints by going to the following website: Paperwork will not be accepted incomplete. Fingerprints for pistol permits can only be done at the Bridgeport Police Department. Pistol Permit Application can only be submitted at the time of fingerprint appointment.

You will be required to bring a credit/debit card, your driver's license and fingerprinting payment with you to your appointment when fingerprinted. If fingerprints are for a pistol permit, please bring completed notarized application and all supporting documents. 

Note: We are not accepting fingerprints done from outside sources and locations. If applying for a temporary pistol permit, fingerprints must be conducted at the Bridgeport Police Department.

To Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment (via online) to be fingerprinted at Bridgeport Police Department, please click the following link:

To schedule a fingerprinting appointment with the Bridgeport Police Department after receiving barcode

For further information on fingerprinting services call 203-581-5201 during the normal hours of operation (Mon thru Thursday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM).

State Police Bureau of Identification