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A Building Permit is required to enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, move a lot line, change the occupancy of an existing building or structure, and to construct a new building or structure. Also required to erect or repair decks, in-ground and above grade swimming pools, fences exceeding 7 feet, and retaining walls over 3 feet high. 


Pursuant to Section 29-263 of the Connecticut General Statutes, application for a permit shall be made by the owner of the property or by an authorized agent. 

If authorized agent is a licensed contractor, provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes Section 20-338b shall be followed. 
Note: It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure their contractors have permits before any work begins. 


Visit the Park City Portal and create an account to apply for a Building Permit. For all Building Permits you will also need to apply for a Zoning Plan. All documents must be submitted on PDF format.


Required documents to be uploaded for Building Permits:

  • Copy of Home Improvement Contractor, New Home Contractors or Major Contractors registration card.  
  • Copy of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate 
    Note: If property owner or a sole proprietor is acting as the contractor, a signed and notarized affidavit is required. 
  • Site plan or plot plan showing locations of structures and work on the property.
  • Detailed written scope of work (removed, new, types & sizes of materials to be used, attachment method, etc.) 
  • Detailed construction drawings or sketches, minimum required floor plan showing locations of work. (For roof permits, please provide Roof Covering-Scope of Work )
  • Copies of manufacturer's material data sheets, specifications and other Information 
  • Special inspection and testing as required by State Building Code, Sections 1704 and 1705. (Statement of Special Inspections) 
  • Copies of all applicable pre-approvals or permits from: Federal Government, State of Connecticut and or State of Connecticut or City of Bridgeport Historical Commission.
  • Architect and or Engineer's seal and signature on all plans as required by State Building Code 2022, Section 107.1



Per City Ordinance 15.08.020 - No Permits can be issued by the Building Department if there are delinquent Property Taxes and/or WPCA Sewer User Fees.