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Bridgeport, CT – The City of Bridgeport announced that it has selected Cadenza Innovation’s modular, high-safety, lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery energy storage system (BESS) technology for a pilot project to be deployed inside the City’s Fire Department headquarters. Believed to be one of the country’s first BESS deployments inside a fire station and the first public demonstration of Cadenza Innovation’s battery technology in Connecticut, the indoor BESS will showcase Bridgeport’s ability to lower energy costs while addressing and managing the energy challenges of its underserved communities. The pilot project – funded by Connecticut Innovations – will help further the State of Connecticut’s renewable energy goals, including Governor Ned Lamont’s climate change and energy legislation package that targets achieving 100% zero-carbon electricity by 2040.

Purpose-built for safety-intensive urban deployments, Cadenza Innovation’s low voltage, indoor, cloud-connected BESS will enable Bridgeport – Connecticut’s most populous municipality – to achieve energy savings and reduce its carbon footprint. Cadenza Innovation and the City will collaborate to measure and analyze energy use inside the Fire Department headquarters and monitor the BESS to generate a report that delivers the peak-shaving efficiencies, arbitrage capabilities and back-up power in the event of a grid outage.

“This is more than just resilience, it’s continuing Bridgeport’s leading position when it comes to sustainable energy generation and now storage,” said Mayor Ganim. “We look forward to attracting other green technology to our City, by way of implementation and manufacturing.”

Additionally, Bridgeport is interested in demonstrating Cadenza Innovation’s technology for potentially installing the BESS across its portfolio of City-owned and -operated buildings. With a successful pilot demonstration, Cadenza Innovation will look to establish a framework agreement with Bridgeport for deploying multiple BESSs within municipality buildings, focusing on serving low-moderate income communities. Importantly, the project will also allow Bridgeport to bring awareness, educational and, potentially, career opportunities to the City.

Offering a pathway to immediate deployment, Cadenza Innovation accelerates the energy transition in urban and utility-scale installations with flexible, modular, and compact distributed BESSs that can be placed throughout densely populated environments – both indoors and outdoors. The cornerstone of the company’s world-leading safety lies in the simplicity of its hardware and software design. This novel architecture enables rapid and flexible installation across a wide range of power and energy demands. 

Anticipating customers’ increasing requirements for energy resiliency and back-up power, Cadenza Innovation’s battery systems feature built-in modularity for scalable systems. Additionally, the Cadenza Cloud capitalizes on real-time data to drive energy efficiency and cost savings while actively managing demand response, peak-shaving, load-shifting, and time-of-use actions tailored to urban energy storage systems. Notably, Cadenza Innovation’s low voltage BESSs are now listed on the Connecticut Energy Storage Solutions website, a new energy storage program designed to help home owners, businesses and municipalities to participate in building electricity resiliency while reducing the cost. 

Bridgeport Fire Chief Lance Edwards stated, “As the Fire Chief of Bridgeport, I’m committed to the safety and well-being of our community. We’re partnering with Cadenza, a clean energy company, to install a modular lithium storage battery to showcase its safety and potential to reduce electricity consumption. We believe in innovation that benefits our citizens and the environment, and we’re proud to be at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions.” 

“Bridgeport has a long history of pioneering innovation in the energy sector. The Cadenza Innovation team is thrilled to be chosen for this project to bolster the City’s reputation as an energy resilience hub and augment the State’s standing as a climate change leader,” said Cadenza Innovation Founder and CEO Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud. “With support from the City, Fire Department and Connecticut Innovations, we will demonstrate ‘the power’ and safety of an indoor modular system installed in an urban setting. And through collaboration with Bridgeport Labs, we look forward to helping establish an important pathway for clean workforce development – in particular, a re-entry program targeting veterans and other critically underserved groups.”

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