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Bridgeport, CTToday, Mayor Ganim and the Bridgeport Fire Department held a press conference to announce this year’s recruitment efforts and follows the previous campaign that was held about two-and-a-half years ago in 2022. During the press conference, Acting Chief of the Bridgeport Fire Department, Chief Lance Edwards, announced that the application for the State of Connecticut Candidate Physical Ability Testing (CPAT) Exam been opened today, July 1, 2024, until August 7, 2024, and is a preliminary requirement for prospective candidates. Because of the intensive exam, the Bridgeport Fire Department is offering CPAT Training at their Training Facility, located at 236 Evergreen Street on a first come, first serve basis. Prospective candidates can find the application on July 22, 2024 on the Firefighter App website until it’s deadline on September 2, 2024.

Mayor Ganim stated, “We want all interested individuals to feel encouraged to apply to become a Bridgeport Firefighter. Although this career path can be challenging, being a firefighter is extremely rewarding with the strong comradery and support system that comes with being able to serve our City under this department’s remarkable leadership. This is not only an opportunity to serve our communities, but it’s also an opportunity to delve into a profession that’s fiscally rewarding as well. We want all interested individuals to step up to the challenge of joining our Fire Department and help protect Bridgeport residents.”

“We’re all indebted to Mayor Ganim for the continuous support of the Bridgeport Fire Department and allowing us to begin our recruitment kickoff today, which perfectly coincides with the CPAT Exam,” stated Chief Edwards. “As firefighters, we love what we do, and we encourage all who are interested in a rewarding career to join a team where they get to serve the City of Bridgeport, give back to our communities, and closely follow the City’s mission.” 

Other pertinent details regarding the 2024 Bridgeport Fire Department recruitment can be found below, with information regarding salary and benefits at




Important Notes

July 1, 2024 CT Fire Academy begins accepting applications for Fall CPAT session
July 22, 2024 Live on; open application; Bridgeport residents: $35 fee. Non-residents: $135 fee.
September 2, 2024 Deadline to apply for the examination
September 14, 2024 & September 21, 2024 Tentative examination dates
December 31, 2024 Candidates who do not present their CPAT certificate prior to this date will be removed from the list
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