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Arrest Logs 2023

The following is an arrest log/blotter of arrest activity conducted by the City of Bridgeport Police Department for a specific time period. Juvenile arrests are not listed in this blotter. Please note that the arrested individuals listed on these blotters are not found guilty until brought before a court of law and convicted by our state's judicial system. They by no means indicate a guilty verdict or plea.

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Arrest Logs 2022

The following are crime statistics as reported in the City of Bridgeport

 2023 Part 1 Crime Heat Map 

Part 1 Crimes Heat Map

2023 Part 1 Crime Report 

2023 Part 1 Crime Report

2022 Crime Report

Bridgeport Crime Report January to December 2022

2021 Crime Report

Bridgeport Crime Report 2021

2020 Crime Report

Bridgeport Crime Report 2021
  • Disclaimer: Statistics provided are based on live data